Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kill Report!

Here is a report from the assassin Nightshade

Saturday, 9:45 pm: I knew I was in trouble when two people wearing messenger bags came in to eat at the restaurant ten minutes before closing. I even hungout a bit longer, made a few phone calls and drank a martini while surveying the street to make sure they were gone. I snuck out the backdoor loaded gun in hand, but in the parking lot I heard steps running after me. I turned and was perhaps even the first to fire, but his gun had better range.

This is another case where weapon choice was the deciding factor. Strategy and paranoia will only get you so far without the right gear. I can't emphasize that enough.

Sounds like a good show HookersAndBlow. Congratulations on your first kill. You were spotted before you striked, but you still got it. Next time i would try to remain invisible until the moment of truth, but thats just me.

Are you people paying attention to this? There are valuable lessons here.

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