Official Bike Assassin Rules

Long story short: You get a profile on someone and have to go "kill" them with a squirt gun. They die and hand over the profile of who they were supposed to kill. You kill that person next. Last one standing wins.

This shit is FREE motha fucka! unless you register after May 25th. Then it's $5.00. I accept donations that will go to getting some sweet prizes and trophies.

Last person alive wins. Also prizes for: Most Kills, Most Melee Kills, Best Kill and so on. Once again, help with prizes and trophies is appreciated.

I am in charge of this one. I make the rules and settle disputes. My decisions are final, but I do like bribes.

Squirt guns, water balloons, and markers. Sharpies are allowed, but if you damage someones clothing, you will have to make it right. No Airsoft or Nerf. When you are out getting squirt guns, consider buying an extra one to be put in the prize pool. Remember I have a zero dollar budget.

You have to leave a visible mark to get the kill. Any place on the body counts. If you get killed try to die with some honor and dignity. When you are killing try to do it decisively and with style.

You can kill:
Your target. Your Assassin (the person targeting you(see Protecting Yourself)). Any one you see trying to kill someone else. People on the wanted list.

The info we need to create a file on you consists of your name, your picture, your safe zones, and information you would like in your obituary. See official registration form. You should have your target info on you at all times so you can hand it over the moment your sorry ass gets wasted.

Safe Zones:
Inside your house. (unless you let the person in or have a party)
Inside your work.
If you have a house you have to register it. Same with your job.
Zoobomb, no kills on the west side of the river between Sunday at 7:00 pm and 7:00 am. Other formal gatherings. This includes churches, volunteer positions and the like. This does not include bars, club rides or parties.

Protecting Yourself:
If, and only if, you notice your targeter holding a weapon and making a move to attack you or get near you (regardless of whether you are in a safe zone at the time), then you may eliminate that assassin at any time in the future. If you succeed, it is called a “defensive elimination.” All the rules that apply to regular elimination also apply to defensive elimination.

Time Limits:
From The start of the game (June 1st) you have seven days to make at least an attempt to kill your target and report how it went to me. Failure to do so will get you put on the wanted list. Time limits may get shorter as the game progresses.

The best kills are done in secret, but public assassinations are not against the rules. They will however leave you vulnerable and could even land you on the wanted list. If you witness an attack, you can whack either or both of the involved parties and acquire their targets. Bonus points if you get footage of your kills.

Other Reporting:
Email me when you make a kill. Email me when you get killed. Email me when you see someone else trying to make kills (We can discuss whether or not you want that person put on the wanted List, but I need to know what you saw)

Wanted List:
I will be posting a list of people who break rules, ignore time limits and make assassination attempts in public. These people can be killed by anyone playing the game.

Outside Assistance:
No one is allowed to eliminate your target but you. Others may ’’take bullets’’ for you but they cannot actually eliminate anyone. Non-players can also act as distractions and decoys. They can not be armed. (example: I can't give my mom a squirt gun and have her run up on you to throw you off. However, I can have her seduce you in order to throw you off.)

It could be a huge advantage to not let anyone know you are playing or who your target is. Feel free to lie about any aspect of the game except the moment you are killed. when that happens die with honor and dignity, hand over your target sheet and move on.

You can lie about ANY aspect of the game. The exception being the moment you are killed, you should admit it ad keep your honor and dignity. You may then go back to any form of deception you like after you hand over your target info to your killer. If you are able to obtain someones target sheet from another player (pickpocketing, rifling through their shit) you may kill that target. For the pickpocketed person to stay in the game they will need to kill their original target first or kill the person who stole their shit. You can be killed for snooping (as well as get your ass beat) and you accept all risks associated with that.