Tuesday, July 6, 2010


its saturday!
at the watershed!
5040 SE Milwaukie
Portland, OR 97202

if you are still playin, better keep your game face on at the party! its not over till its over. and if you dont come to the party you will be disqualified.


game 2?

I am way too busy with work and stuff to run this game again. so the question is: do you want to?

email me if you have the time.

expect about 4 days for setup that will take several hours then about 20 min to an hour a day after that.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

my new job!

i got a job and i have been working a shit ton. its eating up all my assassin time. if you need updates or want to stay in the loop, hit me up on my celly.


Friday, June 11, 2010


One of the most dedicated assassin in the game was unable to find his target after extensive hunting. Last night he shared with some people his dismay and frustration at not being able to find this particular person. This person happened to be there and heard the conversation. Instead of running, he accidentally gave himself away. He was killed on the spot. His killer had but in much work to track this guy down, only to randomly be hanging out without realizing it.

The excitement was too much and he fired instantly upon realizing who he was talking to.


WOW! now this patient observer has two targets, his original and an extra one acquired when he cleaned up this messy display on a rooftop!

That is how the fucking game is fucking played, people!

Read, learn, take notes, cower in fear!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


looks like the party will go down Saturday, July 10.

Movies, drinking, awards, bikes, grilling, music and more!

We are going to set up a mugshot station so we can have sweet profiles made on the spot for round 2!

Also, im thinking the people who win awards will have a chance to change or add a rule (pending crowd approval)

Party at the Watershed!

Time Limits Pending

If i have not heard from you you better check in soon. You have to make an attempt every seven days at least. You have to TRY. and you have to do it soon. or you are goin on the wanted list.

By the way, i have given up on paper files for now. Anybody got beef with that?

Dirty Backstabbing Double Crossers!

The assassin known as Black Widow was killed recently. I arranged to meet with her to discuss some information critical to her survival. She insisted that she bring some body guards. I insisted that she not trust ANYBODY! While attempting to arrange a secure and safe meeting she was surprised to find her self at knife point! and the person wielding the knife was one of her posse!!!

Her assassin tried to arrange the terms of an alliance (albeit a tense and shaky one, forged at the tip of a sharpie) when Black Widow's body guard steeped in, attempting a rescue. He was unsuccessful and she died on the spot.