A few questions people have been asking. Email me your questions and I can answer them here too.

Q. What should I do  about my stalker?
A. If you are worried about stalkers this is the wrong game for you. Might i suggest Parcheesi? Or possibly Bridge? My Grandmother speaks highly of it.

Q. Is there a time limit?
A. Yes and no. The game will not end until there is only one assassin standing. But if you go too long without attempting to get a kill, you will be put on the wanted list.

Q. Do I have to be on a bike?
A. Not at all. This games is targeted towards the bike community in Portland, but it is open to anybody around here who likes fun.

Q. What if i have some bullshit job where I work outside?

A. If you are petitioning, you are safe if you have a clipboard in your hand. If you are pedicabing, you are safe while you have a pedicab in your possession. This will be noted on your rap sheet.

Q. Can I shoot while driving my car?

A. Yes. You can crash a tank into a day-care center for all I care. This game has no rules regarding motor vehicles. Or bikes.