Official Bike Assassin Registration Form:

Fill this out and email it to me at

All questions are mandatory unless otherwise noted. Lying on this form will result in disqualification and public humiliation.

1) Name. your legal first and last name.

2) Nickname. What do people in the "scene" refer to you as?

3) Code name. Make up something. Don't use your nickname. This will be used for coded reports so if people figure out it's you it will blow your cover. Bonus points if it's dirty.

4) Home address. The building you live in is safe.

5) Work address. same story as your home address.

6) School, Church, or Other. List any place you regularly go that you don't want people fucking with you at.

7) Your Picture. Include or attach a picture that clearly shows your face.

8) Phone Number. This will not be used by anybody except me. Also, do you get txts?

9) Optional Rap Sheet Info. Are there reasons people would hunt and kill you? If so, list them here. If not, Make something up.

10) Optional Obituary  Info. What do you want the fictional papers to say when you fictionally die?